Our Process


Successful SEO campaigns are launched with a firm foundation of analysis and onboarding.

We start with a comprehensive discovery session that lets us learn everything about your business as quickly as possible. We’ll use this to run several audits, including a competitor, Google Analytics, technical, and content audits. Lastly, we’ll create a project plan that leaves no stone unturned. Our project management system syncs with a Google Sheet that updates in real-time while we work on your campaign.


Project Plan

Technical Audit


With a plan in place, we’ll start with the highest ROI tasks and work our way down the list.

Step one is answering this question, “Is your website design helping or hurting your SEO and conversions?” If it is, we’ll start with a website refresh. If not, we’ll take the findings of our audits and start improving your on-page SEO. That process starts by categorizing each page (info, sales, blog, etc). Then, we’ll assign a priority level to each page so we can compress time and get results faster. Lastly, we’ll assign a series of actions (add content, backlinks, delete & redirect, technical, etc) for each page that through our analysis and expertise, we believe will move the needle.


On-Page Recommendations

Target Pages


Skyrocket your inbound lead generation with an industry-leading content marketing campaign.

Flying Lobo is an SEO AND content marketing agency. Honestly, we have the most fun executing content marketing campaigns. They have an unreal potential, but only after a website is optimized for SEO. Our content marketing process includes keyword research, topic ideation, and UX design. We aim for you to lead your industry in content marketing and reap the benefits.


Content Stategy

Content Brief

Keyword Research [New Pages]


Drive backlinks that sink your competition before they even have a chance.

The point of our content marketing campaigns is to earn backlinks naturally. You’ll receive backlinks as you do good business offline and build content online. To fuel the fire, we work with an industry-leading vendor four outreach management and backlinking.

Outreach Management


When search engine marketing becomes your biggest channel, why stop the growth?

If you see the continued value in investing in SEO, Flying Lobo will gladly continue the SEO and content marketing campaign. We can be your “forever partner”, growing your website and taking your business to new heights. As we grow our relationship, we’ll take our collaboration to a new level as you understand our systems.


Client Recommendations

Analytics/Keyword Tracking