Blogging For Small Business

Blogging for small business

“Should my small business be blogging?” is a question we get asked a lot by small business owners. We’re usually asked this half-begrudgingly as few business owners actually want to take time out of their day to type up a blog post when they could be focusing on so many other areas of their business. […]

Local Link Building

Link building

Link building is the process of getting other sites to link back to your site. When another domain links back to your domain, a little bit of their authority will be passed on to you. In the eyes of search engines, this is like a thumbs-up. With link building for sites that aren’t bound to […]

Location Pages

If you services customers in multiple locations or have multiple physical locations for a brick and mortar business, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this article teaching your how to design location pages. We’re going to show you a strategy that few of your competitors are implementing, and even fewer are implementing correctly. […]

Local On-Page SEO

We talked about site structure in the last chapter of our local SEO guide. If the site structure is the body of your website, then your on-page SEO is the engine that makes it rank. Why is on-page SEO important? For two main reasons: On-page SEO helps search engines understand your website, where it’s located, […]

Local SEO Site Structure

local seo site structure

A well-planned site structure serves two purposes. It makes your local business website easy for search engines to understand. Second, it provides an efficient user experience that maximizes lead conversion. Unfortunately, business owners and designers spend too much time worrying about logos, color schemes, and fonts. Instead, or in addition, they should spend spend adequate […]

Google Maps SEO

When you search for a local product/service, you may notice 3 different sections of the SERPs: Google Ads Google Maps Google Organic For your reference, it usually looks something like this. In the Google Maps section, you can see three businesses that Google decided to showcase above the organic search section. If you’re here, […]

2023 Local SEO Ranking Factors

local seo ranking factors

What Is A Ranking Factor? Ranking Factors describe the criteria search engines apply when evaluating web pages to compile search result rankings. Ranking factors can relate to website content, user experience, technical implementation, off-page signals, etc. Locally, ranking factors like local signals, reviews, and proximity are added to the list. Understanding local SEO ranking factors […]

What Is Local SEO?

Does your local business have room for more customers? Have you tried EVERYTHING when it comes to ranking your site, only to get the same poor results? Maybe you just built a website and would love to rank it if you could just wrap your head around SEO? If you can relate to any of […]